Germany’s chancellor says Huawei must provide assurances on data

Huawei is facing mounting pressure from authorities in Germany to ensure the company doesn’t hand over data to the Chinese government, according to a Daily Mail report.

During a speech made on tour in Japan, German chancellor, Angela Merkel, said there are “big debates” about using Huawei’s equipment, with several nations, including the US and Australia, trying to persuade other companies in allied countries to avoid using Huawei’s 5G equipment.

So far, German authorities and telecom executives have not found evidence of any security problems with Huawei’s products.

“Safeguard” data

Yet, despite there being no evidence, Merkel said it is important for Germany to talk to Beijing “to make sure that the company does not simply give up all data that is used to the Chinese state, but that there are safeguards.”

Although Huawei is considered to be one of the best phone makers in the US, a growing number of Western nations fear that its equipment could be used as a “Trojan Horse”  for Beijing’s security apparatus as Chinese law requires its firms to cooperate with intelligence services.

Huawei has repeatedly denied being involved in any sort of espionage.

On-going debates

“This will continue to be debated and discussed and it is also part of the discussion with the United States,” Merkel said.

Merkel has urged China to take more responsibility in the world as its global as influence grows.

Beijing will have to step up its place in the world order by participating in UN missions, she said.

The debate has rumbled on since Huawei chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, was arrested on 1st December 2018 in Vancouver, at the request of the US.