Future Fertility unveils AI image analysis tool to evaluate egg fertilization

The Toronto-based biotech startup, Future Fertility, has unveiled the world’s first artificial intelligence tool that can evaluate and predict egg fertilization.

The company’s said its patent-pending AI machine, dubbed “Violet”, can predict successful egg fertilization with 90% accuracy based on a single image.

The firm believes that the tool will become imperative for women undergoing social egg freezing and IVF.

The solution offers standardized scoring of egg quality and predicts the odds of the egg becoming a blastocyst with almost 65% accuracy.

“It is astonishing that physicians cannot give patients personalized feedback on their eggs; because no validated egg classification system exists, eggs have long been the “black box” in our field,” said Dr. Nayot, a reproductive endocrinologist at TRIO Fertility and co-founder of Future Fertility in a press release.

“With the accumulation of big data, including images of eggs and their respective outcomes, and the application of AI technology, we have finally made a huge leap forward to be able to evaluate eggs and ultimately work toward improving fertility outcomes.”

The announcement comes after scientists at Cornell University in New York trained an off-the-shelf Google deep learning algorithm to identify IVF embryos better than human fertility technicians.