29 Jan 2016: This week’s highlighted articles

Driving safety app seeks to end distracted driving

Software testing firm Applause is partnering with messageLOUD, the mobile text-reading service that reads messages and email aloud, to ensure that the service works under real-world conditions and keeps drivers who need to take incoming messages, safe.


Trinity Mirror Group invests in user experience insights across digital estate

Trinity Mirror Group, Britain’s biggest newspaper group, has deployed SOASTA’s mPulse platform to gain detailed insights into the impact that performance issues across their digital estate have on user experiences.


Report finds DevOps adoption is growing amongst on-call IT professionals

Many IT teams are now including developers in the on-call process as a result of increased DevOps adoption.

More than three-quarters (76%) of respondents in VictorOps second annual State of On-Call Report, in have at least a year of DevOps experience (up from 52% last year).


Nest thermostats malfunction following software bug

A recent glitchy software update gave many users of Nest’s smart thermostat a cold start to 2016.

The software bug meant that the devices quickly drained their batteries and shut down, resulting in heating and cooling systems going offline.


Survey says: move toward containerisation unstoppable

In a recent survey, the results prove beyond doubt that the move towards containerisation is nearly unstoppable. Sushil Kumar, Chief Marketing Officer, Robin Systems, explains why.


27% of all recorded malware appeared in 2015

PandaLabs, the laboratory of Panda Security, both detected and neutralised more than 84 million new malware samples throughout 2015. This is 9 million more than the year previous, according to the corresponding data. The figure means that there were 230,000 new malware samples produced daily over the course of the year.