6 challenges in finding the right test automation tool for your team

The shift towards agile has been made. There’s no arguing about it. Maybe you’re already part of an agile team, or you’re about to become one. While working in teams is essential when it comes to agile software development, automating your processes is also critical. Finding the right tool that not only fits your development environment and budget but also your team skills can be tricky. We at Ranorex are dedicated to providing you with an innovative test automation software that enables you to counteract challenges you may encounter along the way.

Challenge 1: Different skillsets in a team

Get a tool that suits both testers with and without programming skills. Ranorex combines both worlds. While you don’t need any programming skills and can create robust automated tests by simply using the Capture & Replay functionality, test automation experts and developers can easily add further functionalities, as Ranorex is based on standard programming languages. And whenever you do need help, our awesome support team is there to help.

Challenge 2: Once the development environment is set up, it’s difficult to integrate new tools

Integration is key for Ranorex. While it directly integrates with the version control systems Git, SVN and TFS, it can seamlessly be integrated into virtually any development environment, such as continuous integration processes, as its test suites result in an executable file. You and your team can keep utilizing the tools you’re already familiar with and focus on the test process itself.

Challenge 3: Limited costs

Here’re the quick facts:

  • You only need one Ranorex license to test any UI technology of desktop, web or mobile applications.
  • As it’s easy to install and has everything in one IDE, you can generate quick test automation results with the Ranorex test automation tools, while the projects remain easily maintainable and reusable due to the Ranorex Object Repository.
  • Ranorex uses a test automation approach that separates the test case structure from the technical identification layer, making it robust against UI changes and even testing dynamic IDs is no problem.

Challenge 4: Time restrictions

Ranorex is constantly adding more features to counteract time limitations in the testing process. In fact, a new major software update has just been released: Ranorex 6.0. It makes a ton new time saving features available, such as code editor enhancements with multiple code templates and auto-create functionalities, faster test runs and remote testing. Using Ranorex Remote for remote testing, you can now simultaneously execute multiple tests in different environments directly out of Ranorex Studio, in the same time it took to execute a single test before. You can continue using your local machine in the meantime and will receive an automatic notification once the report is ready.

Challenge 5: Not everyone in a team has access to the same information

Let’s stay at Ranorex Remote, which helps you improve team collaboration. Each team member can send tests to the same Ranorex Agents in a network and, thus, access the same test environment. Information access is equally distributed, as everyone can view the number of tests executed on an agent, filter tests according to execution time and status, as well as download reports.

Challenge 6: Constant changes and requirements

The Ranorex test automation software is continuously evolving to provide innovative solutions to help you deal with new requirements. That’s why all Ranorex updates are already included in the license at no additional costs – just like Ranorex 6.0, which has just been released.

Check out Ranorex 6.0 on our website to learn more about the benefits, or simply try the full featured 30-day 6.0 trial for free! So all there’s left for us to say is: Get your team and have fun testing!


Edited for web by Cecilia Rehn.