AI-powered tool to help diagnose prostate cancer

The US has recently approved the first AI-powered tool designed to help diagnose prostate cancer.

Indeed, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized the computer-vision software, Paige Prostate, which is able to scan images of cells and increase the number of identified prostate biopsy samples with cancerous tissues. By doing so, it can predict if the cells are cancerous or not and thus, help physicians find the appropriate treatment.

The software uses computer vision techniques to highlight the tissue as well as store the data in a format that enables health providers to find scans quicker and zoom on the images. It was tested on more than 150 institutions and in multiple peer-reviewed studies in international scientific journals.

However, the software helps physicians visualize potentially cancerous cells but the diagnosis is done by health providers still. By being approved, the tool will help physicians make more accurate and efficient diagnoses and give better treatments.