Air Canada Boeing 737’s first flight after engine failure

The Air Canada Boeing 737’s first flight had to be cancelled last Friday due to warning lights went off in the cockpit prior to take off.


The issue was reported to be a standard function of the health monitoring system indicated a potential fault and thus, the engine needed to be reset. It is a long process that required no passengers on board, so the flight had to be cancelled.


This is not the first time that the Boeing had to be grounded for a safety issue. Indeed, back in December, the jet was banned from flying due to an engine issue, which led to the loss of two 737 Max jets and the grounding of the jet.


After this, the authorities made sure that the flawed Manoeuvring Characteristics Augmentation System software was corrected as well as adjustments were made to wiring, and that angle-of-attack ‘disagree’ alerts were added. Yet, it would seem that these ‘disagree’ alerts won’t be featured on the head-up display system until a software revision is introduced later in the year.


It was reported that the 737 MAX aircraft was cleared by maintenance crews and is scheduled to return to service on Sunday.