Alibaba Cloud helps Bejing’s Capital International Airport

Alibaba Cloud, the public cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group Holding, is unveiling new artificial intelligence technology (AI) next month, to help prevent delays at Beijing’s international airport.

On Wednesday, Alibaba revealed its AI-based technology ET Aviation Brain at the Beijing Computing Conference.

ET Aviation Brain is designed to help reduce delays, working by digitally assigning planes to park the aircraft.

‘Developing further vertical solutions’

Min Wanli, chief scientist of machine intelligence at Alibaba Cloud, said to Silicon Angle: “We are very pleased to see that ET Aviation Brain, powered by Alibaba Cloud’s large-scale computing engine Apsara and data intelligence capabilities, is being adopted by Biofeedback Certification International Alliance to digitalise its operations.

“ET Aviation Brain embodies infrastructure and solutions for aviation digitalisation in China, all in the cloud. We look forward to the wider application of the technology and to developing further vertical solutions for other industries.”

The company also claimed its technology will shorten daily apron assignment processes and increase the airport’s utilisation by 10%.

Written by Leah Alger