Biometric system scans users’ hearts to lock or unlock gadgets

Researchers have developed a biometric system that scans users’ hearts to lock or unlock gadgets.

They believe it will be the “next advancement in computer security because no two people with identical hearts have ever been found”.

A low-level Doppler radar will identify and monitor the right heart. The report said this ensures another person is not using a locked computer.

The researchers plan on presenting this technology at the International Conference on Mobile Computing and Communication (MobiCom) next month. 

The waves emitted by the radar system are weaker than Wi-Fi and pose no health hazards.

The scanner needs eight seconds to scan the heart initially after which it continuously recognises the registered heart, as it searches for the geometry of the heart including shape, size and the way it beats.

The device can monitor and measure a heart from up to 30 metres away, says the report.

Another potential sci-fi use for this heart scanner is that it could be used to track and identify people at airports and other public places.

Written from press release by Leah Alger