Bugsee allows developers to ‘squash bugs’

Leading bug and crash reporter for mobile app developers, Bugsee, announced its new “developer friendly” features today, including: instant feedback, application health assessment and new integrations with mobile development frameworks, collaboration tools and bug trackers.

Bugsee automatically sends a notification to the user’s bug tracker when a bug is reported or an app crashes. The dashboard then displays all crucial data that led to the bug, including short video clips capturing user actions and network traffic with console logs.

Alex Fishman, CEO and co-founder at Bugsee, said: “Since launching in January 2017, we’ve listened carefully to the needs of our users and have responded with new features that further expedite efficiencies with debugging and help eliminate the difficult and time-consuming task of reproducing intermittent bugs.

“With Bugsee, developers have the information needed to squash bugs quickly, so that they can spend more time building quality, bug-free apps that people love to use.”

The most requested feature by Bugsee users has been support for the mobile application development platform, Xamarian.  Currently in beta, Xamarian support will go-live in coming weeks and join the growing list of development frameworks and SDK plugins supported by Bugsee, including iOS, Android, Cordova, and React Native.

App’s Health, the new application health assessment feature added to the Bugsee dashboard, also captures important metrics including user growth, app stability and version adoption rates.

Written from press release by Leah Alger