CA World ’17 touches upon The Modern Software Factory

CA World ’17, Las Vegas, recognised the importance of agile, innovations and digital transformation while focusing on the value of The Modern Software Factory.

The Modern Software Factory is where agility, automation, insights, and security “work together for business” – “creating an agile business, building better apps, maximising app performance and making security a competitive advantage.”

“In The Modern Software Factory, the key to becoming agile is trying software to business initiatives,” said CA Technologies in a blog post.

According to CA, only 6% of organisations have scaled agile across their entire company. The big part of becoming agile is having a solid plan, and the ability to rapidly change.

“With full visibility of projects underway, we can plan and budget much more accurately and have greater control,” said Roger Kayes, Manager for Portfolio Services at Qantas.

‘AI can be good, or evil’

Otto Berkes, CTO of CA Technologies, spoke in-depth about the above factors in his keynote at CA World, while touching on other modern interfaces.

Berkes revealed: “The Modern Software Factory is the most important enabler for your company to help customers needs.”

“We help you build better software – creating new value to drive businesses forward.”

“Continuous Delivery becomes real, because of agile creating value, and software investments can be measured more than ever before because automation will run smoothly with the DevOps toolchain.”

According to CA, nearly two-thirds of senior business and IT executives noticed 45% to 60% better alignment between strategy and execution using agile technologies.

Furthermore, Berkes touched upon how artificial intelligence (AI) can be good, or evil, depending on how you use it.

‘A tidal wave of change’

Berkes added: “AI is algorithms expressed as code, created into data, which we use for responsibility.”

“With machine learning gives critical outcomes. AI adds tremendous value to user behavior.”

“We are never going to have skilled people to finish jobs that need to be done. Code helps business realities.”

Todd DeLaughter, CTO of Automic, also noted the Modern Software Factory paints an aspirational picture of where companies want to get to.

Written by Leah Alger