Canada to use 3D AI mapping for broadband deployments in rural areas

The Canadian government is set to provide 3D maps for network deployment with an AI mapping company.

Indeed, the company Ecopia will be working with the government through an open-bidding contract so as to identify, on a building-by-building basis, the buildings that need broadband internet access. It will also be creating maps for all rural areas in Canada for future broadband analysis and deployments.

In order to do so, it will use various geospatial datasets to create fine-grained 3D vector maps. The maps will then be able to identify 14 different standard landcover features, including roadways, pavements, and railways, among others. In the long term, this will help city planners understand the network deployment situation.

Besides, the 3D vector maps can also be used in environmental conservations, civil engineering, urban planning, infrastructure safety assessments, and logistics planning.