China’s artificial intelligence ambition

Challenging the US dominance within the artificial intelligence (AI) sector and heightening international tension over military technology applications, China has revealed its plans to become the AI world-leader by 2025.

China announced its national AI development plans yesterday, aiming to expand its AI industries to over 150billion yuan (US$22.15billion) by 2020 and 400billion yuan (US$59.07billion) by 2025.

Rui Yong, CEO at the Chinese multinational technology company, Lenovo, said to Reuters: “The local and central government are supporting this AI effort – they see this trend coming and they want to invest more.”

China’s State Council added: “The situation with China on national security and international competition is complex.

“We must take the initiative to firmly grasp this new stage of development for artificial intelligence and create a new competitive edge.”

Written by Leah Alger