Coding program to be retraining veterans in software development & cyber security

A new coding program has for goal to retrain veterans in software development and cyber-security.

Indeed, the non-for-profit Coding for Veterans is currently trying to raise awareness around its programs as it tours across the country. The program offers intensive online courses, including one of six months in software development and another of eight months in cyber security. These programs are only open to eligible veterans and their families, as well as interpreters from Afghanistan.

It then offers a great learning environment in order to give them an opportunity to retrain into coding and programming. It also helps former veterans build a sense of community and find purpose and meaning after the military. The program is aimed at veterans as they make the perfect workers for the IT industry, with their attention to detail and teamwork.

The program has received funding from its corporate sponsors and it will continue to tour the country until the final stop in Ottawa for Remembrance Day.



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