Data & AI professionals building on their skills to increase their salaries

A recent study by O’Reilly revealed that many data and AI professionals increased their skills in order to raise their salaries.

Indeed, it was reported that among the 64% of Data and AI professionals who took part in training or obtained new certifications to build upon their skills, 61% did it in order to receive a promotion or an increase in salary as well as to increase their job security and hireability. The average salary earned by AI and data professionals is $146,000.

These professionals still have a desire to learn as 91% declared being interested in learning new skills or improving existing skills. 1/3 of professionals have spent more than 100 hours on training and development, leading to an average salary increase of $11,000. But those who did one to 19 hours of training only received an average salary increase of $7,100.

Data and AI professionals are usually very driven to gain more skills as there is a talent shortage in data science, machine learning, and AI fields.

The survey also revealed that women’s salaries were much lower than men’s salaries, up to 84% of the average salary for men. Despite women and men holding the same job title and having the same education, there is still a 20% difference in salary.

Moreover, professionals using the programming language Rust have the highest average salary, followed by Go and Scala. Although Python is the most used, it was found out that professionals using it earned around $150,000.