Development approach for customised testing tools – selecting testing tools efficiently

At times, the testing process requires the use of customised tools along with standard automation tools. Customised testing tools are required mainly for the conversion of data from one format to another. This white paper from Infosys presents a brief comparison of open source, closed source (proprietary) and custom build approaches to building a testing tool. The comparison is demonstrated through a case study and through the challenges faced while selecting one alternative for developing the tool over another. The paper also highlights the importance of the tools team in an organisation.


When a testing project needs to be carried out across several organisations, typically an onsite-offshore model is used. however, in such a scenario, consistently communicating the client’s needs to different teams working onsite and offshore can be a challenge. Moreover, testing teams often operate in crisis mode when tools need to be implemented to perform the testing. Usually, teams can choose from many open source tools that can be implemented. On the other hand, they may have access to several platforms that can be used to develop the tool from the ground up.

Before deciding the approach, testing teams need to answer a few key questions regarding the tool and where it needs to be implemented. The client’s concerns must be factored in. These may include the client’s inclination toward a certain technology, their past experience with some solutions and, more importantly, the ease of use and accessibility… Download document