Domino’s Pizza working with Hitachi Consulting to ensure continuous integration and testing of applications

As part of its DevOps strategy to increase the agility and scalability of its IT function, Domino’s Pizza is working with Hitachi Consulting. The consulting firm will augment Domino’s Pizza software delivery team and help with the design, build, testing and rollout of new applications, in addition to providing DevOps consultancy.

Enhancing customer experience through automating key aspects of the testing process

Domino’s Pizza’s e-commerce operation accounts for 69.4% of all delivered sales in the UK & ROI, and therefore it comes as no surprise that the company is always looking to enhance its customer experience. Its ambitious plans include introducing more technology innovations, which means adopting a continuous IT delivery methodology and automating key aspects of the testing process, including regression testing. Hitachi Consulting will also supply DevOps consultancy, as Domino’s Pizza looks to grow cross-team collaboration and take advantage of cloud infrastructure and DevOps tools.

“We’ve got a truly collaborative relationship between Domino’s Pizza and Hitachi Consulting,” says Rod Brooks, Domino’s Pizza’s Head of IT (Software Delivery). “With our eye constantly on innovation, we are always seeking ways to make our customers lives easier. So, it’s important to have the capability to become more agile and have the scalability to keep ahead of the competition. Hitachi Consulting provides us with that capability, but in turn we’re able to share our experiences, as a rapidly growing e-commerce and m-commerce business.

“Working with Hitachi Consulting also means we have access to the company’s knowledge and experience in other areas, such as cloud architecture, business intelligence and enterprise IT,” adds Brooks.

Challenge of ensuring new applications are rolled-out quickly, but are also well-tested and customer-ready

“Domino’s Pizza is a fast-growing company that harnesses technology to keep it ahead of the competition, but this creates challenges of their own in terms of ensuring that new applications are rolled-out quickly, but are also well-tested and customer-ready,” Chris Saul, Vice President of Digital, EMEA, Hitachi Consulting said. “We are delighted to be able to increase the IT function’s capabilities in this area, while having the opportunity for our team to work for a successful, dynamic business that understands how IT can be an enabler, not just a resource.”

“With DevOps, there is a strong focus on continuous testing and constant delivery. This means there is more emphasis on testing much earlier in the solution delivery lifecycle. Domino’s Pizza has embraced continuous integration and testing to help the software delivery team rapidly build, test, and deliver secure, high-quality applications,” Jonathon Wright, Director, Testing Quality Assurance, at Hitachi Consulting commented.