France launches anti-terror app

Two days before the Euro 2016 football tournament commenced, the French interior ministry unveiled its alert app ‘SAIP’. The app will send a warning to smartphone users in the event of a terrorist threat.

The SAIP smartphone app

The app allows the user to receive an alert informing them if an attack is underway nearby, using geolocation. If a terror attack is underway, the screen of an individuals smartphone will turn a crimson red and display the word “ALERT”, including a brief description of what’s going on and advice on how to react in the event of a terrorist attack.

When the smartphone lights up crimson in the event of an attack, no sound or vibrations are made, in order to not giveaway the hiding places of anyone potentially in hiding.

The app is intended for fans in attendance at the Euro 2016 football tournament, at the stadium and in alternative outdoor venues, in order to keep them safe.

SAIP is available on both Android and iOS, free-of-charge and is available in both French and English.


Written by Jordan Platt



The Guardian

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