Google releases preview of Android upgrade

Google has released the first developer preview of its Android upgrade, Android P.

In early stages of development, Android P’s notifications are being redesigned with “more curves” and a “freshen¬†up”, and will witness in-line names and images of those writing in its new messenger app ‘Smart Reply’.

‘Behaviour changes’

Using Smart Reply, consumers will have the ability to save replies and drafts so they can schedule to send messages later.

According to Pocket-Lint, it will also have a new navigation feature, which will use gestures instead of buttons to move around screens like the new Apple iPhone X.

Furthermore, 9to5Google sources said its back button will automatically hide when it’s not needed, for example, on the home screen where a back action would have no effect.

Android said in a blog post: “Android P (API level P) introduces behavior changes as well as new features and APIs that you can take advantage of in your apps.

New APIs

“This document gives you an overview of the steps to migrate your apps to Android P across two key phases:

  1. Ensure compatibility with Android PVerify that your app is fully functional on the new version of the platform. At this stage, you do not use new APIs or change your app’s targetSdkVersion, but minor changes might be necessary.
  2. Update your target version and use Android P features. When you are ready to take advantage of the new features of the platform, update your targetSdkVersion to P, verifying the app continues to function as expected, and then begin using new APIs.”

The upgrade is also said to be accommodating hardware and optimisations for dual camera sensors and its ‘Quick Settings’ has been redesigned for those wanting to change operating systems.

Written by Leah Alger