Indy Autonomous Challenge entails development of advanced autonomous vehicle technology

The Indy Autonomous Challenge recently took place, making students from all over compete over creating and racing an autonomous vehicle for the top prize of $1 million US.

Indeed, the challenge was to develop and advance autonomous vehicle technology. The University of Waterloo students, Brian Mao and Ben Zhang, pushed the limits and made a vehicle that can go much faster than any regular car. In order to do so, they replaced the driver’s seat with a computer system made up of different sensors, radars, and cameras to allow the vehicle to drive by itself. The car was able to reach top speeds of 200 km/h.

The two students partnered with other students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Pittsburgh, and the Rochester Institute of Technology. Moreover, the diversity within the team background Рfrom engineering to mathematics Рhelped to set them apart and develop the autonomous vehicle.

However, their vehicles crashed into a wall and finished 7th due to a GPS issue. The winners were from the Technical University of Munich and managed to reach an average speed of 219 km/h.