Intel to be launching new chips to improve its vRAN and 5G tech

It was recently announced that Intel would be launching new chips in order to improve its position in virtual radio access networks (vRAN) and 5G technologies.

Indeed, it is expected that 75% of data will be created outside of data centers, such as at the edge in factories, hospitals, retail stores, and across cities by 2023. Thus, there is a need for developers to converge various capabilities at the edge, including AI, analytics, media, and networking.

The company wants to stay ahead of the competition by keeping pace with innovation and the development of 5G technology. It is then planning to transform its networks and work toward more cloud-like agility and automation capabilities to optimize the RAN performance as well as improve users’ experience.

Moreover, the company is adding a new FPGA with integrated cryptography acceleration so that it can support MACSec in 5G applications.  By doing so, it allows more security to vRAN at the fronthaul, midhaul, and backhaul levels.

It was also reported that many commercial vRAN deployments are currently running on Intel technology and that it is expected that global vRAN base station deployments will be growing even more.