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Worksoft automates the full life cycle of a business process from discovery to testing to RPA. Our codeless test automation platform leverages a patented Object Action Framework to test end-to-end business processes, ensuring continuity across every system they touch including packaged apps, mobile, and web.

Worksoft designs, develops and delivers continuous automation that allows leading enterprises to save 50,000+ hours of manual effort and realize benefits averaging $1.8M per year.

Considered the industry leader for continuous automation for packaged applications, the Worksoft platform accelerates project timelines and reduces risk by identifying, validating and testing end-to-end business processes using scalable, code-free test automation. Faster, more comprehensive testing saves time while boosting confidence that business processes are functioning properly and not impacted by the barrage of ongoing upgrades and changes that are commonplace in today’s IT environments.

What could Worksoft do for your organization? Speak with a Worksoft expert or visit worksoft.com to learn more about connective automation with Worksoft.

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