Meta to be building the world’s fastest AI-optimised supercomputer

It was recently found out that Meta, Facebook’s parent company, is currently building the world’s most powerful AI-specific supercomputer in order to grow the metaverse.

Indeed, the computer, the AI Research SuperCluster (RSC), is already running and had taken over Meta’s previous fastest supercomputer. It aims to develop better speech-recognition tools, automatically translate different languages, as well as build the 3D virtual metaverse.

Moreover, RSC holds 6080 GPUs, which are more powerful than those in the older machine, and is three times faster at training large AI models. Its performance matches the Perlmutter supercomputer at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center in California. When complete, the RSC will have 16,000 GPUs and be almost three times more powerful than it is now.

Meta hopes that it will be the fastest AI-optimised supercomputer in the world, specialised in training and running large AI models.