Meta to still use facial recognition tech even after Facebook stopped doing so

A few weeks ago, Facebook announced that it would no longer use facial recognition technology on its platform, yet, its parent company, Meta, declared that it would not commit to doing the same for its metaverse products.

Indeed, Facebook promised to shut down its Face Recognition tool and delete all the collected facial templates of around a billion people. Meta, on the other hand, won’t be limiting the use of facial recognition to the metaverse products. To justify this, Meta said that the technology had the potential to enable positive use cases in the future, as well as maintain privacy, control, and transparency.

It has then decided to continue using this approach in its future computing platforms and devices in order to offer the best experience to people. Hence, it will continue to use various biometric tools including DeepFace, to move into the metaverse. Meta however promised to keep the public informed of any decision and change it would be making.