Microsoft’s Playwright for Python makes testing easier for developers

Microsoft’s Playwright makes testing easier by automating end-to-end testing for web applications in the Python programming language, which works in any browser.

Playwright for Python is created to accelerate the process of testing new web applications by automating it from start to finish. The Playwright API enables developers to run tests on all web browsers – Microsoft Edge browser, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

The Playwright API provide faster and more reliable automation than already existing tools, hence, allowing developers to launch new web apps quicker.

Automated end-to-end tests have become more important than ever before. With faster shipping and more efficient apps, automation is crucial in the testing process. Automated testing systems already exist but they are difficult and unreliable and can be interrupted by time-out events, leading to failures.

To prevent this, Playwright waits for the user interface (UI) to be ready, ensuring that the tests are more reliable to execute and easier to author. The API uses an event-driven architecture that can listen to browser events like DOM changes, network requests, and page navigations. Playwright scripts can thus intercept and change network activity and automate scenarios across multiple web pages.

There is also an available Playwright plugin for the pytest framework so developers can deploy Playwright tests to their GitHub CI/CD with the Playwright GitHub Actions or tools for other CI/CD providers.