Adrian Brown

Head of Fusion QA




Introducing Selenium to a large Enterprise

Introducing UI test automation to a large team with a variety of skills, requires investment in tooling infrastructure and alignment with a DevOps culture.  The talk demonstrates how to make developers and QA productive with Selenium by simplifying the developer experience from local setup to CI.  This empowers the team to focus on writing elegant tests rather than becoming tools specialists.

Adrian Brown is the Head of QA at TP ICAP for the Fusion platform.  He has a career background in software testing and quality engineering.  The last few years he has been part of the team to take a Financial platform to the Cloud and modernise testing delivery with technology.  Being focused on leveraging DevOps and automation to create high quality products with reduced time to market is his core approach to software delivery.  A husband, a father and a dog owner living in St Albans who loves spending time with family and working on home automation projects.