Barry Dawson
Senior Technology Manager
Gore Mutual Insurance

Bio: I guess I could be described as a Senior Technology Manager, Wellness & Peer Support coach/advocate, Happiness advocate, Long Term Care advocate, Soccer coach, home renovation/restoration fanatic (home flipper), outdoor & sport enthusiast, and beer connoisseur… I have a Pasion for learning and trying new things, including never being afraid to jump into new roles and opportunities. In my work life, I have been a contributor and/or manager in almost every aspect & area of Technology and found my calling when I was able to pull all the pieces of technology together, after taking a chance to step out of management, and into a Test Lead Role; from there with a new passion and focus on quality, I leaped into Head of testing at BMO, then QA CoE manager at WSIB, where I was fortunate enough to be awarded “Testing Management Team of the Year” at the 2019 “North America Software Testing and Quality Engineering awards” (hosted by 31Media), and Currently I am on Contract at Gore Mutual as a Release Manager. This most current role is only after taking a break from Technology (partially COVID driven) when I joined the Board of Directors for a Long-Term Care Home in my hometown of Georgetown,  including Chairing the Development Committee that is now in the process of planning a new LTC facility. But at the same time as this, I started a new company and jumped into my long-time passion for Renovation & Restoration (I did what everyone wants to do, and that’s Flip Houses), I still have this as a side Gig & absolutely love it. In hindsight, going into business in a totally unrelated area, for sure was the biggest risk and probably biggest reward of my career… And really this is all just the work stuff; I personally have a passion for Wellness, I have always been a sport and outdoor enthusiast and I have two daughters that are now young adults, and still my everything… I have had the joy and pleasure of spending great deals of time outdoors and camping and playing sports with my girls, I was also fortunate enough to coach both competitively in soccer for close to 20 years altogether. My move to healthy eating was over 10 years ago and my real eye-opening experience was around the idea of mental and personal wellness, and this was gained only in the last handful of years, started when I had the opportunity to join and then move into a Senior member role of the Peer Support group at WSIB. This required a transformation in myself, as I had to realize that I could not manage or coach myself, or others, into wellness, I could just “be there”, and when possible, “be in the moment”. Mostly, I look forward to what’s next in my journey, and although I am not really a beer connoisseur, I do very much enjoy spending time in my backyard around the fire with friends and look forward to that next great microbrewery brew I find along the way.


Title: How a Quality Focus can drive both, business results, and personal satisfaction

Abstract: Developing a quality driven mindset, technology & business as a they start and often struggle through the digital transformation journey are recognizing the value of quality driven practices and with the help of Quality Driven process & practices are starting to understand how Quality Engineering as an umbrella approach to governance can dramatically improve and streamline transformation. Adding to this, the value of personal growth and wellness and practical and simple ways to achieve career happiness.

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