Deepak Selvaraj

Head of Test and Deployment (Technology Solutions)

Virgin WiFi


ITIL vs Agile/Devops – A Test Ninja’s Mindset towards evolving methodology

Does ITIL vs Agile play major role in automation driven test and deployment teams after merging service quality with agility and speed ?
A look at how major technology industries have been expanding their IT businesses using ITIL and other valuable frameworks for ITSM (IT Service Management). Industries are now shifting their focus towards improving service quality but at the same time trying to build agility with emergence of new technology and methodologies like Agile/Lean Software Development.
Does ITIL fit well within agile product driven organisation or is it primarily for customer project driven organisations ? Can ITIL and Agile truly co-exist ?
How does the transformation from ITIL into Agile or combination of both impacts the test and quality assurance teams ?
Deepak is the Head of Test and Deployment function for Virgin WiFi – one of UK’s leading telecom industry. Followed to 4 years Bachelor degree in Information technology; Deepak pursued his Masters in Future computing with merit at University of Kent on a scholarship.
Originally a Software developer in Java and Python before moving into more performance testing, defining automation methodologies and test lead. Currently, he is responsible for implementing test and deployment automation, E2E quality assurance methodologies, Security & Vulnerability Management and Virgin WiFi’s agile release delivery model.
With the focus on agile, automation technologies, security and DevOps, he is passionate about developing CI and CD pipeline for the E2E WiFi product delivery.
Hobbies – Playing Cricket and Badminton.
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