Natalie Wood

Director of Quality Engineering




Common Hiring Mistakes / Misconceptions & The Quality Engineering Approach at Elsevier

Natalie will walk through some common misconceptions and hiring mistakes people make relating to quality engineering that she has encountered through her experiences and share how the approach / model put in place in Elsevier for Quality Engineers has tackled some of the common challenges Quality Engineering managers face when building a team and the key things to think about when responsible for the quality engineering discipline.

Natalie Wood has been working in the Quality Engineering space for around 18 years (minus a 3 year stint as a police officer in the Met) across a number of industries and is currently responsible for quality engineering across the Research Technology group at Elsevier. Natalie is passionate about the value Quality Engineers as a role bring to cross-functional teams and the many facets that make up quality engineering, which she strongly believes is “not just about testing”.

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