Niranjalee Rajaratne

Head of QA, Delivery Strategy

Third Bridge



Transforming your manual testing team to do automation. A strategic move!

The concept of automation in software testing is not new. During the past few years, it has been getting a lot of attention with organizations moving towards a DevOps culture.  While developing a DevOps culture is proving to be successful how can you transform yourself and your team from doing manual testing to embrace and become an important part of test automation?

This talk is about how Third Bridge is transforming it’s manual testing teams with no or minimum technical skills and knowledge to be an essential part for the success of the test automation project and about the journey on adopting a DevOps culture.

Niranjalee Rajaratne is the head of QA at Third Bridge, a leading independent financial research company. Niranjalee has spent large parts of her career focusing on testing and quality assurance. Currently, she is responsible for implementing delivery assurance across software development. With the focus on software quality, test automation and DevOps, she is passionate about developing proactive approaches to quality management, continuous integration and delivery. She is also a frequent conference speaker and a member of the judging panel for the 2018 European Software Testing Awards.

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