Pavel Kulagin

Senior Automation Test Engineer




Scaling Mobile Automation

So your mobile automation framework is ready with a few tests running already! Next step is to scale it along with more business needs. There are some common challenges faced during this phase: What will make your tests unstable? How would you make them run faster? In this talk we will follow the journey of scaling tests, expanding mobile infrastructure, CI, test farms, and maintenance. There will be real-world examples and some common pitfalls to avoid.

Pavel Kulagin is a senior test automation engineer in Badoo. He has almost 9 years of QA experience mostly in Mobile departments which means starting with first versions of iOS and Android not mentioning some other various mobile OS. Switching between manual and automation QA roles Pavel has hands-on experience with different programming languages, tools and techniques. He worked in large Russian IT companies such as Yandex and OK social network. For the past 2,5 years Pavel works in Badoo helping to improve company mobile testing infrastructure and quality of mobile apps developed there.

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