Rouven Schreck

Head Of Quality Assurance




Digital transformation, re-inventing QA?

A view on trends in IT and how they impact QA from the Head of Digital QA at EE. Rouven will share what he learned and what he believes is important for a modern approach to QA and testing. There is no one size fits all approach, which makes it such an exciting industry to be in.”

As Head of QA, I run a team of around 110 that are responsible to ensure the quality of our website, mobile website and the EE App serving over 10 million App users and over 30 million customers. My team and I are driving the change to a more Agile DevOps approach by focusing on automation, performance testing and how this can be moved further to the left in the development life cycle.

Being in the industry for 20 years I started in pre-sales at Deutsche Bank (contractor), before moving into QA working for Vodafone in Germany. I also worked in various industries like telecom, trading, retail and network management.

After leaving Vodafone I joined a vendor (Good Technology, formerly known as Visto) which gave me the chance to work in the USA.

Living and working in the UK since 2010.

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