Thomas Noë

Product Quality Manager




Quid manual testing to achieve continuous testing?

On Collibra’s road to continuous testing, we have automated many manual tasks, such as testing, build deploying, instance building and so forth. But did we completely eliminate manual testing? That is the question I will address in my presentation. I will also present certain key [strategies/processes] we implemented to be able to start performing continuous testing. As we navigate the road to continuous testing, where a short feedback cycle is critical to success, we are still analyzing and adjusting the way we work

Thomas Noë is an energetic and passionate test professional with over 10 years of experience ranging from  hands-on operational testing to test management positions.
He graduated as a Bio-engineer in 2006, but was given a chance to taste from the testing world. The following years he saw different approaches across several industries such as utilities, telecom, financial world, online payments and data governance.
Step by step, as he moved from tester engineer to test coordinator, test manager and QA manager, Thomas improved both from good and bad experiences his test know-how, his planning ability and his people skills. Currently he is in the centre between the engineering team and the field where he takes care of the escalations and customer bugs.
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