NEC and Fujitsu to improve interoperability testing for 5G base station equipment

It was recently announced that NEC and Fujitsu have started to develop technologies to improve interoperability testing between 5G base station equipment in the UK and the US.

Indeed, it was reported that post-5G technology that will have enhanced functions including ultra-low latency and multiple simultaneous connections will be used across various industries, hence, it is vital that the technologies and industries keep up with it. Over the past few years, base station equipment has become more open and it is becoming possible to connect to RUs (radio units) and CUs/DUs (central units/distributed units) from a variety of suppliers.

However, establishing a verification process, developing tools that can be used in common, and developing a verification environment remain a necessity to verify the interoperability.

Thus, this collaboration between NEC and Fujitsu aims to improve the efficiency of interoperability verification. NEC and Fujitsu will be combining their experience to develop base station equipment compliant with the front-haul interface specifications of the O-RAN Alliance as well as technologies to verify the interoperability of various suppliers’ equipment. By doing so, they will improve the efficiency of interoperability verification for different suppliers’ equipment.