New survey reveals gender bias in cybersecurity is decreasing

A recent survey by Tessian revealed that many women in cybersecurity believe that the gender bias in the industry is slowly decreasing.

Indeed, the study stated that, among 200 women surveyed, 53% believed there is a gender bias problem in cybersecurity while 66% agreed there was a gender bias in 2020.

Moreover, more than half of the women declared that the pandemic had a positive impact on their careers and 89% of them feel secure in their jobs.

The women surveyed were also asked how to increase the number of women in cybersecurity and they said it would be achieved with equal pay, more diverse role models, a gender-balanced workforce, and more apprenticeship programs.

Hence, the report showed that cybersecurity is a thriving industry, even in a global sanitary crisis, and that it is attracting more and more young women.

It is essential to give more women and girls the opportunity to follow that path by hiring more diverse candidates at junior levels and developing them into senior roles and creating platforms for role models to share their stories. There is a lot of work to be done still but hopefully, this is the way to lessen the gender gap.