Jo Kitchen

Senior Portfolio Test Manager

EE Digital


We have a shiny new automation suite, what next?

The talk will cover the challenges of moving a large scale organisation from a manual based test suite to an automated one.
Highlights to cover:

  • Our Journey so far
  • What is automation and what can we/should we automate?
  • Getting the right skills to enable this
  • Maintaining BAU whilst trying to automate
  • What happens to the role of the manual tester?
  • So many opinions which is right and how do you accommodate them?
  • Maintaining motivation and morale during the transition period
  • How do we move this from project to BAU

I have 13 years experience in test management, ISEB Practioner. Previously worked at Aviva, TSYS, Isotoma LTD and now at EE working as a Portfolio Test Manager. This involves managing multiple test teams which look after testing the EE website.

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