Niki Muttaluri

Test Team Lead (TV & Radio)



Modern Test Management

With the introduction of Agile working ways, and crew cultures, How has Test management change?  What challenges and opportunities does this change bring for Test professionals? Niki and David will talk about how their teams in the BBC have adapted to the challenges and embraced its opportunities. They will be providing insights of how they envisage Test management can ensure a consistent high level of Test support to an organisation by creating a culture of continuous improvement and supporting individual testers to develop both personally and professionally.

Niki is Test Team Lead for TV team within the BBC, with 14 years of experience in Software Testing. Niki has been an advocate of good test practices focusing on software quality and processes. He has contributed to establishing test strategies within the BBC teams. He is a strong advocate of defining and refining the test practices, and encourages experimentation in doing so. He has started internal test community in the BBC under Test Craftsmanship Programme in 2014 which is continuing to grow with good support from other Test Team members, and being led by other like-minded test colleagues.

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