Robert Catton

Test Engineer

Infinity Works


Damage Limitation – What do we do when everything goes wrong?

In testing we are often relying on a lot of things; Product Owners to give clear requirements, Business Analysts to establish concise user stories, Developers to deliver a quality product, Dev Ops to build test environments fit for purpose, Designers to create a clear and well communicated style… The list goes on! Unfortunately, in the real-world things aren’t always perfect. So, what do we do when we don’t have all of the requirements? When we don’t have a test environment to work on? Perish the thought – developers skipping testing altogether! This talk will explore my personal experiences with imperfect projects, and what we as testers can do to still achieve the quality we are tasked with delivering.

Rob has been testing for 4 years with experience spread over telecommunications, rail, aviation, gambling and commercial sectors, working with such companies as CACI and Sky Betting and Gaming, though he is more recently posted at Infinity Works. Rob plays a few competitively slanted games in his spare time and describes himself as a game-theory enthusiast, which is probably how he has ended up in the gambling industry. He has worked with many differently skilled teams, and has a breadth of experience in getting projects over the finish line without lacking in quality.
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