Sue Hart

ALM Architect

Rolls-Royce PLC


‘Testing Smart’ to achieve the ‘Testing Sweet Spot’

With increased efforts and recognition of the benefits of test automation our test libraries are expanding.  At Rolls Royce we have come a long way in the last five years whereby Unit Tests are the norm and automation of our Integration and End-to-End Tests are planned and implemented as part of the user stories.

There are good and efficient techniques being used which are using a flavour of the recommendations in our ‘Test Framework’ but unfortunately some of our automated test validations are occurring too late in the test cycle and in some cases not making the best use of good practice or learning from experience.

How do we manage that? ….. hold that thought!

Also, in a bid to implement Continuous Delivery release pipelines, there is also a danger of let’s automate everything and test every single combination possible of a scenario

Because we can  … right?

Well the honest answer is we could find ourselves in a situation where testing is not only the bottleneck to accelerated continuous testing and product delivery but also poses a risk of costing more than the actual value returned.

There’s more food for thought…..

This presentation will guide you through some of the techniques applied and the tools we’ve developed to gain insights into our automated testing and CI/CT/CD orchestration costs and some of the mechanisms we’ve employed to improve what we do

I have been involved in Testing for over 20 years (not that that makes me an expert!), with experience in telcoms, aviation, fleet, financial and mobile markets. During that time I have mainly been involved with Automated Test Development and Frameworks for both manufacturing and software testing.  At Rolls-Royce in our digital organisation now known as R2 Data Labs I am currently involved with designing the CI/CT/CD architecture blue prints based upon our latest business requirements and rolling these out across Rolls-Royce.   Outside of work I like to enjoy the great outdoors and mountain biking but I also like to be creative, creating artwork and making bespoke structures and furniture.  I feel this creativity gives me the mind-set for design, development and continuous improvements.  I’m very much a ‘Can do’ person and really do like to work collaboratively with all levels specialisms in the quest to learn and develop.

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