Atanu Mukhopadhyay

Engineering Leader

A seasoned leader in Amazon focusing on analytics-driven solutions and product design. The key areas include innovation in data integration, statistical modeling, derive insights from global data sets available through billions of global transactions. The innovations are focused on supply chain, finance, and customer segmentation and delivered a portfolio of analytics solutions with emerging technologies.

Before joining Amazon, Atanu was a data analytics manager at Deloitte, IBM, and SIEMENS, where he led the analytics innovation and transformation for Fortune 50 customers. He led the way in exploring and helping top customers adopt new technologies, techniques, and best practices to digitally transform, and create value for their businesses.

Atanu is managing a large team of professionals consisting of managers, senior data analytics engineers, data scientists, and cross-functional professionals from the US, Canada, and India offices. The group is incubating analytics-driven products and solutions for industries and presenting solutions to the industry leaders at the various industry forums.

He has conceptualized, designed, and implemented multiple data and analytics-driven products and solutions such as ‘Universal Recon’, which enables real-time cash reconciliation between enterprises, vendors, and Banks; ‘Cognitive Spend Visibility’, to automate invoice processing, Low latency data transfer in low internet bandwidth IoT scenarios.

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