Julie Papineau
QA Manager
NumeriQ, division of Quebecor

Currently QA manager at NumeriQ a division of Quebecor, software quality assurance has accounted for 16 years of her 25 year IT career.

From stumbling into QA in 2003 when a team needed someone who could navigate in a mainframe system in order to compare the behaviour with their new web-based application, Julie has experienced the transition of the QA role from “police” to quality coach to the delivery teams. Through the years her career has also touched upon many domains such as e-commerce, banking systems, mobile applications and discovering the world of residential home automation.

“Beyond a strategy… Quality is a company culture” is what you will hear and breathe with Julie in your organization. Her signature ? Gherkin, BDD, 3 amigos, automation, CI/CD, all to achieve her goal of Quality at speed !

Accepting to be taken out of her comfort zone marks the different opportunities Julie has had over the years. This contest is yet another one of those moments ! Excited and honored to be part of the judging panel for the first time, Julie is excited to learn from all the projects that have been submitted and grateful to have the chance to meet many of the individuals behind the significant achievements in software testing.

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