Demo Scorecard: Best Use of Technology in a Project

Illustration of training and upskilling team & working closely with stakeholders to deliver the project on time and within budgetDemonstration of Cutting-edge and fit-for-purpose technology was correctly and effectively usedEvidence of working closely with stakeholders to deliver the project on time and within budgetDetailed Discussion of project goals, importance, achievements and successful resultsEvidence and evaluation of technology being used to overcome project challenges/obstacles
Entry 13433316
Entry 22422212
Entry 33444419
Entry 43434418
Entry 54433418
Entry 62423314
Entry 73334417
Entry 83334316
Entry 93334417
Entry 102333415
Entry 112423314
Entry 122434417
Marks out of 5/5/5/5/5/5/ 25
Highest Scoring Entry 3
Highest Scoring Entry 4 & 5

Comments (please be descriptive - which were the two finalist entries and why? And why did the other entries not measure up?)

Number 3 described in detail how the used different technologies to overcome multiple challenges within the test area: automation, test data management, performance testing - embedding all of these thing into CI/CD

Number 4 and 5 are both on second place (from my point of view):

Number 4: Clearly describes the move from manual testing and from 'traditional automation' to model based testing embedding the cypress framework. Why not first place: did not really see the work with stakeholders as much.
Number 5: Uses cutting edge technology (RPA) to overcome testing challenges for a migration project like extensive regresison tetsing ad data migration testing. Why not first place: The stakeholder interactions as well as the project goal were not as detailed explained, hence magically behind number 3.

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