Report says AI could be the cure for NHS’ nursing crisis

According to a recent report revealed by the BBC, AI could benefit NHS healthcare officials.

The report found that the amount of nurses that left the NHS last year has increased by 20% since 2013.

This translates into 1 in 10 nurses resigning last year, with more than 50% being under the age of 40 and a fifth being over the age of 55.

With more than 33,000 nurses resigning from the NHS last year, this is a crisis for hospitals.

The NHS is working towards resolving the issue, with artificial intelligence (AI) playing a critical role, according to the report.

‘Global AI innovator’

While NHS officials have made no mention of using AI or digital technologies as part of its recruitment and retention efforts, the UK government has indicated it has high aspirations for AI, issuing a recent report with recommendations on how the UK can become a global AI innovator.

Meanwhile, we have seen healthcare officials across the UK growing increasingly interested in AI’s potential benefits, including the use of cognitive agents.

The potential advantages of using AI-enabled cognitive agents could be the difference the NHS needs to meet the current demands of nurses.

Improving patient experience

Nurses are expected to juggle increasing patient workloads, time-consuming administrative tasks, and higher patient expectations in the quality of care, all under stressful and challenging working conditions.

The modern nursing model needs to take advantage of technology to fulfill the more routine administrative and operational tasks, which will allow nurses more time for patient interactions and, ultimately, improve patient experiences.

The report also noted that, over time, digital agents could turn out to be the “best friend” nurses have ever had, working hand in hand with employees to offer stellar healthcare support to patients.

Written by David Champeaux, Director, Cognitive Healthcare, IPsoft