Research shows gaming apps to be the most popular

Mobile attribution and analytics platform adjust, recently announced the release of its latest report on average performances of mobile app users across iOS and Android devices.

The Q3 2015 Mobile Benchmarks report shows that app users are typically spending 2 – 10 times more time in games than any other type of app. Books and magazines retain more users after seven days than other verticals. Social and messaging apps have the highest engagement among the verticals with users returning more frequently on a daily basis. Over 10,000 apps were included in the study.

Most notably, adjust has also published an unprecedented volume of raw data from the study, in order to give analysts the possibility to further develop cohorts by vertical and interpret the data for their specific market needs.

Using data from iOS and Android apps

“We’ve grown tremendously over the past year where we now have over 1.3 billion live instances of the adjust SDK and we’re collecting, processing and transmitting over 1 Petabyte per month of app data for company business intelligence. As such, we felt it was important to provide our clients as well as the global app marketplace with relevant and actionable data from our knowledge base with the development of this Q3 study,” said Christian Henschel, CEO and Co-Founder of adjust.

For this study, the company used its internal API – the KPI Service – to aggregate data from all iOS and Android apps currently tracked with its solutions, and then developed cohorts to track average performances across the mobile ecosystem during the Q3 period. The benchmark figures reported in the study include retention rates, sessions per user, and time spent.

Key insights

Key insights from the Q3 Mobile Benchmarks report reveal:

Mobile users spend 2-10 times more time in games than in any other type of app.

Books and magazines retain more users after seven days than other verticals.

Most users spend on average about five minutes in a distributed series of actions in an app.

Seven days after install, users return to social networks and messaging apps on average three times per day.