Revenue NSW to be using AI and data analytics to investigate fraud cases

Revenue NSW has been using AI and data analytics in order to find out if people were overpaid or if there had been cases of fraud following the COVID-19 businesses grant provided by the state government.

Indeed, the agency declared to use a rule-based system that enables it to detect irregular patterns in the data and investigate them quickly for fraud and compliance. By doing so, it can make sure that the people receive the money they need in the right way.

The agency has previously used AI and data analytics in order to help divert vulnerable customers from strong enforcement action due to debt and guide them towards alternative options. Through this system, Revenue NSW was able to help around 15.000 people a year to a better approach, such as work development orders, community service, counseling, or rehabilitation.

Hence, the agency is determined to use the AI system to improve the conditions of people and gain more information and data before making a decision.