Sky to ditch satellite dishes

Sky announced earlier this month that it’s to make all its content and channels available online, giving customers the option to access its channels without having to use a satellite dish.

The pay TV company is hoping this incentive helps its revenues and profits increase as its channels will be reaching a wider market.

Firstly, Italy will be able to access all channels, followed by Austria, and then the UK by 2019.

The firm is not to stop broadcasting by satellite, but instead, it will allow customers use Sky even if they don’t have a dish; although a Sky box will still be required.

Beating rivals Netflix and Amazon

For streaming purposes, Sky will be launching its new Now TV smart stick for £14.99 a month, next month.

Through this “cheap incentive”, Sky hopes to beat its rivals Netflix and Amazon in profit.

“If you are away at a conference or work you can plug and play TV from a hotel room, although most people will use it on holiday,” said Gidon Katz, managing director of Now TV to The Guardian. 

“And by the summer holidays, people will be able to take Now TV away with them and not worry about data charges for films.”

Written by Leah Alger