Software engineers to have various responsibilities due to talent shortages

It was recently found out that software engineers are splitting their time between their various responsibilities and have very little time for deep work.

Indeed, a recent study by Retool and Wakefield showed that due to talent shortages, engineers are doing a variety of tasks such as coding, communication processes, complex testing, and even assisting with hiring. This means that they only spend 10 hours of deep work time per week.

As a result, engineers are using open source code more and more to save time, with 90% feeling that it is essential to their work. Over 30% of engineers also reported that recruiting and interviewing was taking too much of their time, as well as collaborative engineering as it could take up to a workday to get a pull request through code review or knowing who owns a piece of code.

Besides, many engineers expressed their desire to work in the office as it helped them feel more productive.