TEST Magazine recognises DVT as a leading testing provider

DVT, a software development and testing company, has been recognised by TEST Magazine as one of the 20 leading suppliers of testing solutions of 2017 in the UK and European markets.

DVT’s Global Testing Centre (GTC) in particular received special acknowledgement, with its innovative ‘can do’ approach, high standards of professionalism, attention to detail and strong focus on research and development making it an industry ‘best-in-class’. The DVT GTC is one of the largest specialist software testing centres in the Southern Hemisphere, providing its clients with a managed outsourced software testing service that utilises a proprietary software testing framework built on open source components.

“We are proud to be recognised by TEST Magazine as a top 20 software testing leader. Through constant research and development, as well as our own automation testing frameworks, we provide our clients with a proven ability to perform software testing in a high quality and globally cost-effective manner,” says Bruce Zaayman, Executive Manager, DVT.


According to Zaayman, the focus of the DVT Global Testing Centre is on automation and quality, with an Agile approach to produce software solutions that add business value. “Before we propose any testing solution, we analyse the client’s specific needs on an outcomes-based, problem-solving approach,” he explains.

In addition to software testing automation, DVT also focuses on software performance testing, using leading testing tools. The DVT GTC also incorporates a large mobile device laboratory for the testing of mobile solutions.

The company provides a range of heavyweight services, backed up by 17 years’ experience and high-level expertise. These include:

  • Automated Regression Testing
  • Cross-Browser Testing
  • Device Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • API Testing

“We employ over 150 testing professionals at the DVT GTC, backed up by the DVT infrastructure of more than 700 professionals with a wealth of experience and knowledge,” notes Zaayman, “DVT’s extensive offshore and outsourcing capabilities mean we have no time zone barriers, no language barriers and an international business culture.”

DVT has extensive experience in multiple market sectors, including banking, short-term insurance, life insurance, investment, media and retail. 

Software test automation benefits

Zaayman said: “To achieve continuous software delivery, automating software testing is essential, especially when we require short-term development and testing cycles. In these instances, automating the testing of your software is not optional anymore, but a necessity.

“DVT ensures that each new product release or deployment can be tested within hours, versus the many weeks required in a manual testing environment.”

In addition, says Zaayman, software testing automation has traditionally been implemented using ‘record and playback’ solutions.

“The complication with this approach is that changes in the system often require the specific testing of a system process to be re-recorded for playback. When a system frequently changes, maintaining these playback-scripts may become expensive,” he added.

DVT’s solution is a test automation framework developed in Java, where the test scripts are maintained by developers. This means that a change in the system is often a relatively small code change in the test script (such as adding a method to test an additional screen text field), as opposed to re-recording a potentially long playback script.

Testing using an Agile approach

Developed over many years and based on open source and an Agile delivery method, DVT’s software testing automation UTA-H framework removes the need for its clients to pay license fees for their testing projects. “We significantly reduce the cost of ownership with our open source testing framework. Plus, we can be up and running with a proof of concept in a fraction of the time it would take elsewhere,” says Zaayman. A summary of the benefits of DVT’s test automation framework includes:

  • Lower cost due to zero licence fees for test automation projects
  • Faster delivery of testing services, without compromising quality
  • Proven on many platforms, technologies and devices
  • An agile approach, ensuring the faster delivery of more value

Mobile application testing

DVT uses a combination of mobile platform simulators in the Global Testing Centre’s Mobile Device Lab, where mobile apps can be tested in both a simulated environment and on actual mobile devices. In addition, DVT provides functional testing, as well as mobile app test automation.

In light of the massive adoption of mobile devices globally, Bruce Zaayman will host a roundtable discussion on mobile testing challenges at the European Software Testing Summit on 21 November 2017. For more information and to join the discussion, go to http://www.softwaretestingsummit.com/programme/

Contact information:

Bruce Zaayman


Tel: +44 (0) 203 696 2440
Email: bzaayman@dvt.co.uk


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