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Amdocs Testing is the world’s leading testing service provider for the communications industry.

With over 30 years’ experience in the communications and media industry, Amdocs has a proven track record of ensuring high quality software, network and entertainment deployments. As a leading testing provider to the world’s largest service providers, Amdocs’ team of testing experts ensure go-live success, industry-low defects and cost-efficient production.

Amdocs’ innovative testing approach includes a patented, award-winning framework, Amdocs BEAT™, which standardizes, optimizes and automates testing processes. Using a sophisticated analytical model, repository of best practices and professional know-how, Amdocs BEAT™ ensures testing excellence, enabling service providers to deliver superior customer experiences.

Our in-house tools such as a no-code automation platform and an automated, graphical test design console allows Amdocs Testing to automate the entire testing lifecycle for reduced testing effort, improved test case reusability and faster time to market.


We have shifted our culture to a DevOps mindset, strengthening Amdocs Testing’s consistently reliable methodologies, exceptional technology and professional practical experience. By transforming project deployment processes from agile development to agile-to-production, Amdocs evolves cross-vendor delivery processes into one that is test-driven and automated.


In support of our customers’ digital transformation, Amdocs’ shift-left testing offers agile/DevOps methodologies, enabling service providers to delivery key features faster and achieve value and revenue at the speed of digital.


Amdocs Testing recently introduced Amdocs Digital User Experience Testing (DUET), a state-of-art, unique offering that certifies back- and front-end systems, as well as other channels covering all the aspects required for seamless and flawless digital user experiences.


Amdocs is a leading software and services provider to the world’s most successful communications and media companies. As our customers reinvent themselves, we enable their digital and network transformation through innovative solutions, delivery expertise and intelligent operations. Amdocs and its 25,000 employees serve customers in over 85 countries. Listed on the NASDAQ Global Select Market, Amdocs had revenue of $3.7 billion in fiscal 2016.