Mobile Labs

At Mobile Labs, we know that mobility can be a challenge throughout the enterprise. For software developers and testers in particular, the growing complexity of mobility and its impact on mobile app testing is caused by many factors. These factors include a growing variety of device types, form factors, operating systems with compressed release, along with more sophisticated mobile app users. Managing all of these factors while rapidly delivering quality, reliable apps doesn’t have to be chaotic. Mobile Labs helps bring order to the chaos with enterprise-grade, end-to-end mobile testing solutions. Our mobile app testing solutions are secure, agile, scalable and available at a fraction of the cost of public cloud and first- generation test tools.

We know that mobile security is a serious concern for the mobile-first enterprise. Yet, many organizations are considering using devices in a public cloud for their mobile application and mobile website testing. That’s why Mobile Labs offers deviceConnect™, a private mobile device cloud that provides secure, comprehensive management of mobile devices, mobile apps, tester access and tester activity. Designed for enterprise testing teams, deviceConnect’s powerful management console enables remote management, tracking and monitoring of enterprise testing assets by individual device name, manufacturer, model number, OS version, availability and apps currently loaded for test. The solution’s patent-pending technology lets testers–regardless of location–remotely access and share Android™ and Apple® iOS smart phones and tablets. In addition, deviceConnect facilitates both manual and automated mobile app testing. Unlike public device clouds, deviceConnect is highly secure and uses a very light hardware footprint. Its installation behind the corporate firewall makes it easy to install and manage, while protecting the security and integrity of private information that may be part of enterprise application data.

Welcome to the future of mobile application testing, mobile website testing, and mobile device access management. It’s cost-effective. It’s accurate. It’s secure.