Toyota to resume operations of autonomous vehicles at the Paralympic Games village.

It was recently announced that Toyota would be resuming the operations of its autonomous vehicles at the Paralympic Games village.

Indeed, the self-driving vehicles were stopped after one of them accidentally hit a visually impaired athlete on a pedestrian crossing the week before. Although Aramitsu Kitazono, a member of Japan’s judo team, wasn’t seriously injured, he was still unable to compete.

It was reported that the vehicle’s detected the pedestrian crossing and activated the automatic brake, while the operator also activated the emergency brake. However, it wasn’t fast enough and the vehicle and pedestrians came into contact before it came to a complete halt.

As a response to this accident, the company said it would add more operator control, especially over how fast the vehicles travel, as well as extra staff to ensure it doesn’t happen again. New features will also be included such as warning sounds and pedestrian guides will increase all throughout the Paralympic Village.

Toyota stated it was cooperating with a local police investigation in order to determine the cause of the accident. Yet, this showed that autonomous vehicles are not ready yet for normal roads.